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Top 10 Tattoo Fails 2014 and Beyond #4

Face Tattoo Fail – #4

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Face Tattoo Fail - Not Sure If This Was The Best Idea - photo from Reddit

Face Tattoo Fail – Not Sure If This Was The Best Idea – photo from Reddit

Getting a face tattoo can be a good idea, but it remains to be seen if getting a full tattoo on your forehead with the words “Mrs. Tattoo,” is the best look. While the design is nice, maybe placed in an area that can be covered is a better option for a tattoo of this magnitude. I see a lot of hats and long bangs in this woman’s future.

Perhaps this lady should meet up with Mr. Cool Ice who also got some regrettable titles tattooed onto their head. Some might probably say that this lady is less a “Mrs. Tattoo”, and maybe more like “Mrs. Bad Idea.” The baby gate in the background has you hoping that this married lady is not a mother with young impressionable children to look after. Sadly she probably has a lot of staying at home to do with her kids, which is exactly about as far as she should venture with such a bold statement plastered across her face.

The tattoo is almost so big and nasty that it almost makes you miss the tattoo that she has right next to her eye. Why stop here? She’s practically got this whole thing covered. Maybe someone should just donate some money to her so that she can get the rest of it filled in.

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  • yankee2

    Exactly. As I was going to point out. In parts of Australia, New Zealand and the South Seas, it’s traditional and normal. This guy’s a Moari (or Maori) who apparently decided to get a professional job in the city. Few would get alarmed about it where he comes from. I happen to think it looks totally good on him.

    • Eric Kent

      Sure only problem is he is a she and she aint no Maori dude.

  • disastronaut

    You spelled ‘Top 10 Sarah Rasheed Article Fail’ wrong.

  • mirror

    The guy is a traditional Maori in New Zealand. Fools.

  • David

    this guy might be a Maori…this might be a long-standing family-tribal tradition. it’s the only one that I think doesn’t suck.

  • T-Maori

    this is a traditional tat. Personally I think it looks awesome and dont think it should be included in this FAIL list. Also standing in the boardroom with this guy and I would probably let him have what ever he wants:). Though maybe you should go and tell him to his face that his tradition ancestral message is FAIL, but i wouldnt. I think you’ve FAILED in your own FAIL

    Ta moko – traditional M?ori tattooing, often on the face – is ataonga (treasure) to M?ori for which the purpose and applications are sacred.

    Every moko contains ancestral / tribal messages specific to the wearer. These messages tell the story of the wearer’s family and tribal affiliations, and their place in these social structures.

    A moko’s message would also contain the wearer’s ‘value’ by way of their genealogy, and their knowledge and standing in their social level.

  • invidinvasion

    Um…this is a chick, not a guy, you commenting idiots!

  • BadAssLutu

    1. Its a girl 2. Shes NOT maori 3. Im almost 1000% sure that maoris dont spell “tattoo” in that fashion. I only say that because I, like most polynesians, know that it is spelled tatau 4. This person seems to be trying to be the female version of the famous Mr. Tattoo.

  • CBI

    I can assure everyone that, at one point, #4 was a picture of a gentleman with a M?ori tattoo. It would appear that the author realized her error and removed it. Problem is, the other entries were promoted in the rankings and the comments were left in place. Thus all the confusion, and the fact that I only see 9 tattoos in a top 10 list.

  • Zyy

    They changed the image – The previous one was of a male with a traditional Maori tamoko (facial tattoo).

  • ColinK

    “While getting a facial tatoo can be a good idea…”? On what planet?

  • Ansley Park

    A traditional tatt the says “Mrs. Tattoo”? Pleeeezzz!Tattoos are not “cool” and defiantly not “darling”. They’re trashy. Always have been and always will be.

    • CBI

      Looks like you didn’t read through all the comments before posting. As I said below: “I can assure everyone that, at one point, #4 was a picture of a gentleman with a M?ori tattoo. It would appear that the author realized her error and removed it. Problem is, the other entries were promoted in the rankings and the comments were left in place. Thus all the confusion, and the fact that I only see 9 tattoos in a top 10 list.”

      • Ansley Park

        … read through ALL the comments? Who does that?

  • Ansley Park

    Does she still look high to anyone?

  • Lindum

    “Getting a face tattoo can be a good idea.”

    Errrr when?

  • Lindum

    No it isn’t. It is nothing like a Maori tattoo.

    • CBI

      Congrats on proving Ansley Park correct.

      • Lindum

        I did read all the comments, and I am sorry if I misunderstood them. There is someone claiming this is a Te Moko. I am afraid it isn’t. I lived in NZ for many years and saw many Te Moko and discussed them with their owners (carriers?) They do not put words on the Moko – they are symbolic. Also from memory the women have different style from men – they are not all over the face, but generally under the lip and chin.

        • CBI

          So you understand that the author of this post switched out a picture of a gentleman with a M?ori tattoo for “Mrs. Tattoo”?

          • Lindum

            Thank you for that clarification.

            The fact that something is “traditional” is not a defence from attack or ridicule. Slavery is traditional in many cultures and some religions; so is female genital mutilation.

            The Maori Moka makes the individuals who have them somewhat unemployable in modern society, even in NZ.

          • CBI

            Slavery and female genital mutilation as your two examples of tradition? Wow, strawman much?

            No, being “traditional” is not a defense from attack or ridicule but “traditional” does speak directly to the intent of the tattoo and whether it qualifies as a fail.

            The man’s T? moko met the intended objective of prominently displaying his M?ori heritage. Thus, it should not be considered as a fail and excluded in this list.

          • Lindum

            You are arguing against yourself, saying my argument is straw man and then supporting it.

            The Moko is a left over from a stone-age culture.

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