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Top 10 Tattoo Fails 2014 and Beyond #6

Arm Portrait Tattoo – #6

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Definitely Goes Down as One of the Worst Self-Portrait Tattoos in History - photo from Imgur

Definitely Goes Down as One of the Worst Portrait Tattoos in History – photo from Imgur

While the end result got cleaned up in the end, the initial tattoo did not capture the beauty of the photograph. In fact, the tattoo came across as downright scary-looking. Thankfully, the man was able to find a more skilled tattoo artist who made the tattoo come out beautifully. This particular tattoo was the epitome of FAIL all across the internet for quite some time. The story behind the memorial tattoo is quite sad.

The guy wanted to get a tattoo to commemorate his deceased sister, but the original tattoo was shaded and lined in a fashion that gave her a morbid image. She looked more like a witch than the beautiful young woman she was. After facing ridicule online and in real life for a few years, the guy was able to meet up with a tattoo artist to get it redone. Not only was the tatoo successfully covered up and corrected, but the artist did the work for free. The end result is a more like-like and loving resemblance of his sister. Now the guy has some real work to be proud of, and a way to carry the memory of his sister with him long after her death.

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    It wasn’t his sister, it was his wife.

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    They got divorced a month later. Tattoos are not “cool” and defiantly not “darling”. They’re trashy. Always have been and always will be.

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