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Top 10 Tattoo Fails 2014 and Beyond #7

Monster Tattoo – #7

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Tattoo fail image from - Imgur.com

Tattoo fail image from – Imgur.com

Yet again, we have a tattoo that has the hallmark “regrettable tattoo” mantra going . If this man, should ever have a baby, and she asks him “daddy why does it say monster on your face,” he will have to come up with something that doesn’t force his daughter to have nightmares. Not too mention will Monster energy drinks even be around much longer? Their reputation for causing premature death in certain individuals has brought this brand some negative attention.

This guy didn’t just get one Monster tattoo, he got two. He got the Monster “M” logo tattooed right below his eye, as well as the fully spelled out name across his forehead. Not sure what kind of respect this type of tattoo would get you, and it is likely that the company will not pay him for the tattoo or the removal if he later decides that he wants to start drinking something else like plain Mountain Dew.

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  • Otis

    I don’t do women with spider tattoos.

  • invidinvasion

    I think it’s funny when people dress just to showcase their stupid tattoos. Like shorts or a tank top in sub freezing temps so when they go to Walmart everyone can see their high priced stains! Idiots!

    • windows r so hard

      Go back to watching Star Wars 24/7 and get a life.

  • Otis

    Im sure she is a real hit at wal mart.

  • ColinK

    Agree he doesn’t have to worry about what his kids would think. Nothing says “I plan to be permanently single and underemployed” like a facial tatoo.

  • Huffalup

    Im pretty sure this one is fake they had the same temporary tattoos at the Monster stall at a few festivals I have been to.

  • http://bafomet.pl/home/index.html Lou

    To prawdziwe oddanie dla marki 😛

  • Ansley Park

    We just have too much money as a nation so we can throw it away on stupidity. Tattoos are not “cool” and defiantly not “darling”. They’re trashy. Always have been and always will be.

    • Mmmsome

      “Definitely”, maybe?

  • HeadTag

    Re the daughter/daddy/question thing, let’s just hope he doesn’t breed at all, we don’t want any more vociferously unpleasant morons like this in our world.

  • Skijo

    There is no “plain” Mountain Dew. It has hfcs and aspartame.

  • Skijo

    BTW, the claw “M” for Monster drinks is the symbol of 3 Hebrew number 6s. Imagine that.

    • kreiyu

      correction. it only resembles it. because in english ( the language we speak and the language of the company that makes monster) it is an M for Monster. oh and satan and god are fake imaginary constructs of man to explain the unexpainable. and it’s been around since cave man days.

  • kreiyu

    what premature deaths from Monster energy drink is the author talking about?

  • kreiyu

    1. never get a company logo tattooed. especially if they aren’t paying you.