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Frozen Train Tracks Leave Amtrak Passengers Stranded Overnight

500 passengers aboard a Amtrak train were stranded overnight near Mendota, Ill. because of frozen train tracks. Travelers aboard the train were stuck waiting on the frozen tracks for over 14 hours, before reaching Chicago.

Frozen train tracks.

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The train was stopped on Monday afternoon due to large snow drifts and a thick layer of ice covering the tracks. After being stranded overnight on the frozen train passengers were finally shuttled off by buses to the nearby town of Princeton, Ill. which is still a 3 hour drive to Chicago with good traveling conditions. Passengers traveling from San Francisco to Chicago were bused to Galesburg, Ill. and passengers coming Los Angles were also sent to Princeton to board charter buses that would take them to Chicago.

“Frozen Train Tracks Leave Amtrak Passengers Stranded Overnight”

Travelers aboard the Amtrak said that they were kept warm and comfortable, while waiting for crews to come clear the snowy frozen train tracks. The heat was still working on the trains and food was being served to try and keep the passengers as comfortable as possible during their overnight delay. The only complaint of the passengers was that the bathrooms weren’t usable.

The weary travelers finally reached Chicago around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday, they were supposed arrive in Chicago 20 hours earlier before they got stranded overnight by the frozen tracks.

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