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Pakistani man throws acid on step-daughters for saying no

Muslim throws acid on step-daughters for refusing an arranged marriage

Muhammad Aslam, a stone mason from the Punjab province in north Pakistan, allegedly threw acid on his step-daughters Malaika, 19, and Javeria, 23, as they slept last Saturday night.  According to sources on India.com Aslam was upset with his step-daughters because of a disagreement over their future marriages.

muslim throws acid

Muslim throws acid on step-daughters for saying no

man throws acid


A local police official, Bashir Ahmed, reported that while arranged marriages are not uncommon in their country and other parts of the world, Aslam regularly argued with his step-daughters about the subject arranged marriages.  “He wanted to marry them with men of his choice,” police official Ahmed stated.   He also said that Aslam had allegedly received an unspecified amount of money from a man in his neighborhood after agreeing to marry either of the two step-daughters to him.

Unfortunately, neither of Aslam’s step-daughters had any interest in the neighbor.  Ahmed said: “When both girls refused the proposal, Aslam threw acid on them to teach them a lesson.”  Both of the girls were taken to Jinnah Hospital in nearby Lahore, where doctors reported their condition as “critical.”

Ahmed concluded that a case has been registered against Muhammad Aslam and they are currently conducting raids on various locations in order to take him into custody.

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