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Stages of Child Development: Boys vs. Girls

The Stages of Child Development

child development

Child Development

Boys and girls develop in different ways from day one.  Some claim that boys have more developmental issues than girls.  Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that every child has his or her own personality.  Every child’s an individual and that affects development.

Girls speak earlier than boys and respond to colors and textures while boys are more responsive to movement.  Boys sometimes employ a limited vocabulary which makes it hard to connect what they say with how they feel.  Boys are often suspected of having autism because they don’t make as much eye contact as girls.  Boys develop slower than girls in terms of things such as self-control, attentiveness and fine motor skills.

Online experts say that environment also has a major influence on both boys and girls development.  One point that everyone agrees on is that parents do not deal with boys the same way they deal with girls.  Sources indicate boys require more discipline because in general their hearing is not as good (and can even get worse) as that of girls.  Girls generally have a better range when it comes to hearing and therefore respond better to strategies involving oral discipline because their verbal centers make them more receptive to this.

child development

Child Development

Whereas boys are often more tactile, they tend to be more physically active and rough and therefore respond better to techniques such as distraction or what is commonly referred to as “time-outs”.  Girls mature faster but are less confident and secure.  Boys take more risks while girls must be encouraged.  Parents often feel that boys are easier to parent in later years and girls are easier to parent in their younger years.  Despite generalizations, parents must remember that because each child is unique there are no concrete rules regarding the development of children.

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