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What are the best finance jobs?

What are the best finance jobs?

Sources may not always agree but Laurence Shatkin, PhD, author of 250 Best-Paying Jobs and a well-known career information expert, believes that the best finance jobs are managerial positions.  He has compiled a list of the best finance jobs at entry level.  He studied information from the US Department of Labor and Census Bureau data on current median earnings and projections for future annual openings and job growth.

Best Finance Jobs


Here are a few of the best finance jobs according to his research:

Actuaries are business professionals who concern themselves with the financial impact of uncertainty and risk.  They provide expert assessments of various financial security systems and focus on their complexity, their math their mechanisms.  They evaluate the likelihood of events and also quantify the contingent outcomes in order to minimize financial losses.

best finance jobs

2005 Female Economist of the Year Susanna Francke.

Next is an economist.  Economists study economics within social science.  They might also study, develop, and apply economic concepts and theories as well as write about economic policy.  There are numerous sub-fields within this occupation that focus on such things as philosophical theories, specific markets, the analysis of microeconomics and/or macroeconomics, financial statement analysis, econometrics, statistics,  mathematical finance and more.

best finance jobs

Financial Services Agent

Finally, there are financial services agents.  Financial services sales agents market banking and related services, such as CDs, cash management, credit lines, deposit accounts, loans, sales or inventory financing, mutual funds, or investment services.  They solicit both businesses and individuals as potential customers and explain their services to them.  Some are also referred to as “private bankers” or “relationship managers” and they specialize in managing all of a single affluent client’s financial needs.  These are certainly some of the best jobs in finance today.

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