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Grandma Pregnant With Her Daughters Surrogate Baby

Julie Navarro a 58-year-old woman, from Salt Lake City, Utah is pregnant with her daughters surrogate baby. Her daughter and son-in-law have struggled to conceive their own child for quite some time now; having about a dozen miscarriages, the longest one lasting for 10-weeks. Navarro stepped in and decided she would be the gestational surrogate for the couple due to their fertility problems.

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Lorena Mckinnon, the daughter, and her husband Micah Mckinnon had begun looking for a surrogate to carry their baby after the first few miscarriages. Mckinnon’s sister and close friend had at one point agreed to be the surrogate for the couple, but they ultimately decided against it because of the emotional stress.

Thats when her mother stepped in and said she would carry the baby for the young couple. Navarro told the Salt Lake City Tribune, “As a family, we have to help each other,”

“Grandma Pregnant With Her Daughters Surrogate Baby”

Before being implanted with her daughter and son-in-laws fertilized embryo, Navarro had to take numerous hormone shots and doctors told them there was still only a 45 percent chance the procedure would be a success. The procedure was successful and Navarro has had smooth pregnancy carrying her daughters baby girl.

The family had to undergo three months of counseling, which is required for any surrogacy arrangement. “The psychologists wanted to make sure we knew what we were getting into — that we were mentally prepared,” McKinnon said. “Mostly, surrogacy contracts are with people you don’t know. It was weird to have a contract with my mom.”

Mckinnon said, she is extremely grateful for her mother’s offer, because it eases a substantial financial burden the couple would have incurred. Surrogates are usually complete strangers and the procedure costs around $60,ooo, but with her mother being the surrogate its costing about half of that.

The mother and daughter claim they have become much closer during the arrangement and a healthy baby girl is expected to born in February.

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