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Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Alex Smith Contract Extension Likely

The Kansas City Chiefs had one of the best comeback seasons in NFL history this year. In 2012, the Chiefs went 2-12, winding up with the worst record in the league. 2013 was a much different story with the team going 11-5 in the regular season and earning a spot in the playoffs. Though, they lost to the Colts in the first round thanks to Andrew Luck and company posting one of the biggest comebacks ever.

The Chiefs made a lot of moves in the off season that contributed to the impressive turn around such as hiring head coach Andy Reid. However, there was arguably no better move than the acquisition of quarterback Alex Smith from the San Fransisco 49ers. Though he didn’t put up Peyton Manning numbers, Smith was incredibly efficient and ultimately helped the team win 11 games this season. This makes an Alex Smith Contract Extension very likely.

Smith is scheduled to make $7.5 million next year and after that would become a free agent if the Chiefs decide against the contract extension. Smith had a career high 23 touchdown passes this season to only 7 interceptions and completed over 60 percent of his passes.

“We’ll have communications with his representatives and see what the process does,” said John Dorsey, Chiefs General Manager.

Smith has been criticized by many as simply a “game manager” who does not lose his team games, but is not the primary reason they win either. It appears that Smith doesn’t seem to care what people think of him.

“At this point in my career I’ve been playing long enough that I don’t really care what anybody’s saying,” Smith said.

As he shouldn’t. In the NFL it all comes down to winning games and fact of the matter is that Smith wins games. Over the past three seasons he has a record of 30-9-1. Though Smith likely won’t pull in a contract like that of Joe Flacco’s, he has a better record than him over those three seasons, or many of the other quarterbacks who have recently been awarded big paydays for that matter.

No matter what, the 29 year old quarterback will be back in Kansas City next year, and likely making more money then he is scheduled to at the moment.

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