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2014 May Be The Year For Commercial Space Travel

For a few generations, kids have aspired to be an astronaut when they grew up. They had dreams of floating in space, looking out at the stars, or even walking on the moon. Ever since the great space races of the 1960’s, flying into space started to seem more and more like a reality for the everyday man. Lately there have been many companies trying to prove their potential, and hoping to send paying customers for a flight into space. These tickets into Earth’s upper atmosphere will be pricey for those individuals willing to shell out the cash, but their dreams may be fulfilled as soon as this year is over.

2014 May Be The Year For Commercial Space Travel

2014 Commerical Space TravelFlying into space will be reserved for the wealthy few at first, as their high-priced tickets pay the way for others to follow in the future. The cost of designing, building, and testing aircraft capable of flying repeatedly outside of Earth’s atmosphere is daunting. Billionaire moguls like Richard Branson and his Virgin crews have been trying to attain reliability in this realm for over a decade. Other teams are newer to the market, but bring with them lots of creativity and possibility for the future. Then you have other adventurous programs that not only hope to launch humans into space, but to send them to Mars to claim first rights to colonize the Red Planet.

One other benefit to flying into sub-orbital space is that aircraft would be able to attain speed nearly incapable within our own lower atmosphere, and therefor take passengers quickly from continent to continent on a space flight. Rather than spending nearly all day on a plane to fly from New York to Tokyo, you could make the trip in as little as a few hours.

As 2014 kicks off with a lot of aspirations, this is one type of goal that would be neat to see completed by year’s end. Even if the opportunity will be available for the elite at first, much like commercial airline flights originally were, it could one day become so commonplace that it replaces our currently understood way of travelling across the globe.

Featured image from Virgin Galactic.

2014 May Be The Year For Commercial Space Travel.

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