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Chutes and TheLadders, The App That Gets You Hired and Helps You Quit

If you’re not happy at your current job, chances are you are very familiar with job matching services like Monster, Indeed, Simply Hired, even craigslist and hundreds more. TheLadders is another such service that claims its “unique algorithm” will give you tailored results like no other.

Moving Your Way Up TheLadders and Down the Chutes

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Photo By U.S. Navy photo by Ensign John Land [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Seeking employment is a lot more comprehensive than buying a newspaper and circling ads with a marker, in fact most job sections in the classifieds are pretty sparse anyway. Aside from “cattle calls” and classified ads job seekers are more savvy and even if they are happy in their current position they often know what other opportunities are available.

Of course there’s an app for everything now, even TheLadders job matching service (which is free  for the Basic version). Taking this mentor-ship to another level TheLadders recently joined up with the makers of “Breakup Text” to create the newly unveiled “Quit Your Job” App.

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Simply put, this app is ideal for the non confrontational person or in extreme cases someone who suffers from paralyzing social anxiety, which makes you wonder what job they are wanting to quit anyway?

TheLadders “Quit Your Job” app asks you basic questions such as why you want to quit your job; more money, sick of your current job, or you found a new job, enter your boss’s name and some basic information about your future plans and wha-la! After you choose exactly who you want to send the creative quitting message to, the app kindly reminds you to “Relax, it’s all over. You did well. Talking about it helps”, encouraging your to share your employment change on your social networks.

TheLadders “Quit Your Job” app is available for download on iTunes for free and has been described as lyrical, overly embellished, insane, and quirky. The majority of people agree that it is highly entertaining, especially if you have some pent up feelings toward your employer, but is not an advisable way to actually quit your job if you want a new one in the future.


Feature image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Public Domain.

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