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California Republican Ron Unz Supports Raising Minimum Wage To $12

You may find it odd to see a devout conservative supporting the increase in minimum wages across the country. For the most part the support behind the increase in the minimum wage has come from the Democratic Party and from the lower classes, so what is a Conservative Millionaire from California doing by trying to gain support for it too? Registered Republican, Ron Unz, is rallying voters across California, and hopefully abroad, to support the increase in the Federal Minimum Wage. He has a few reasons backing his theory that many conservatives may want to take note of too.

California Republican Ron Unz Supports Raising Minimum Wage To $12

Ron Unz Support Raising Minimum WageIt should be no mystery in 2014 that the lower classes in America are suffering an economic plight. The reliance on government assistance to sustain a marginal means of existence is extremely high, and much of that stems from a lack of household earnings. Unlike households of a few generations ago, today’s families consist of a lot more single-parent households, and inflation has more than caught up to those paychecks. With all of the average bills required to keep a family afloat, making at or near the minimum wage in this country does not cover most of the bills. Ordinary people rely on food stamps to keep kids fed, and government assistance to put a roof over their head. Many of these same people work hard at their day jobs, laboring just to barely make enough to get by after the government picks up the rest of the tab.

Raising the minimum wage across the country would not only boost the livelihood of people at the bottom of the wealth pool, but would also stimulate all areas of the economy and possibly help revive the failing middle-class in this country. Whether the magic number for the proposed minimum wage falls somewhere in the $11 range, or closer to the $15 range, America’s lowest standard of living is quite a bit lower than most other developed countries. Take for example Australia, where the minimum wage is roughly $16 by comparison, or other countries in Europe where the wages are even slightly higher. We aren’t talking about average wages, just minimum wages. Currently America ranks in at about half of he minimum wage of what the US does, and that’s for the same quality of work.

Some of the fears that opponents of raising the minimum wage have is that they feel the cost of goods would sky-rocket in the US if the labor costs are dramatically increased. While it is true that there will be an increased labor cost passed onto the consumer in the form of higher prices, the calculation of raising the wages presumes that the cost of goods would not increase anywhere near the percentage rate that the average household wage would. Sure, those at the top of the ladder who would probably see no wage increase may feel a little pinch in their wallet, but the relief of them as a tax payer should substantially outweigh the burden of shelling out a few more dollars at the register.

This is where Ron Unz hopes to open the eyes of his fellow conservatives, while delicately walking the line into the voting territory of the Democratic thinkers in California. Unz is not trying to create a hostile environment of an “Us VS Them” mentality, but rather a common vision of a successful future for not only our country, but for every household within it. Whether you support a higher minimum wage or not, you probably would support a higher minimum standard of living, and most of us would rather see that financed by the individual rather than the government.

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California Republican Ron Unz Supports Raising Minimum Wage To $12.

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