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Dave Mordal: (pronounced dav mor-däl)

Dave Mordal: (pronounced dav mor-däl)

Dave Mordal–pronounced dav mor-däl—wants to make you laugh.  His recent release, (pronounced dav mor-däl), is 16 tracks worth of his comedic stylings.  The Comedy Central comedian and actor (Los Enchiladas) has been everything from a marine to a failed robber.  He is perhaps best known, however, for his appearances on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, the host of Wreckreation Nation and as a late-night television regular “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”.

dave mordal

Dave Mordal

His live disc opens on “Dyslexia” which challenges slow thinkers and those who drink too much too early.  It’s followed by an unflattering but funny “My Dad”.  “Short Bus” recalls his childhood experiences with his father and the controversial conveyance of choice.

“Sh*tty Car” shows Mordal’s attitudes towards things that are standard in new cars today.  Surprisingly, there is quite a bit of truth to his offering on options.  It segues into “Make It Zero” which addresses the issue of drunk driving and other behind-the-wheel hi-jinx which is expected and yet still humorous.

“Idiot Friends” includes small-town humor that perhaps can be best appreciated by those who live or have lived in a small town.  (It might actually frighten those of us who understand it all too well in fact.)

“Women Are Diabolical” is another bit of comedy that rings so true.  It might be explicit and contain a trendy reference that might soon date it but it works.  You have to love the story about the young kid who works at Mordal’s neighborhood convenience store.

“Get Any Rain” seems like it picked up somewhere else.  It focuses on a story about his elderly father.  Perhaps Mordal hopes that he will be able to laugh at himself someday if he jokes about other old folks now.  The rash of advanced technology might make this track obsolete a bit too soon too.

The next bit is the self-revelatory “I Have No Memory”.  If you don’t appreciate it now you will someday all too soon.  Ya gotta wonder where they sell “big-print porn” though . . .

“Winston” addresses smoking from the viewpoint of a smoker.  Yes; it’s been done before but it leads into the legalization of marijuana so it’s okay.  Also included here is “The Power’s Out” which picks up where the previous cut left off.

Dave Mordal

Dave Mordal’s new release

“Surprise Flood” follows with a bit of sarcastic observational humor tinged with truth.  (Why don’t we have a machine that makes sandbags?)  “Cash For Gold” comes in next with even more truth about the ignorance of our desperate society.

“I Die, You Buy” is yet another truthful track inspired by television commercials.  In “Where’s Your Shit” Mordal poses the question: “What if you really can take it with you?”  The album end-note is the apparently apropos “Small Town Drunk” which refers back to being a “failed robber” and takes it back to the “Short Bus”.  If you have “Idiot Friends” and think “Women Are Diabolical” Dave Mordal’s (pronounced dav mor-däl) might be right up your alley.

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