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Pope Francis Names 19 New Cardinals With The Poor In Mind

Pope Francis

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Sunday in Vatican City, Pope Francis announced that he had chosen nineteen new cardinals. His choices are men from Asia, Africa, Haiti, and other poorer countries around the world to demonstrate his attention to helping the poor.

“Pope Francis Names 19 New Cardinals With The Poor In Mind”

Some of the Pope’s choice were expected decisions like: like his new secretary of state, Italian archbishop Pietro Parolin and Gerhard Ludwig Mueller, from Germany. The Pope named some surprising choice as well, choosing reverends from Haiti and Burkino Faso, which are some of the poorest nation’s in the world. A spokesperson for Vatican, Rev. Federico Lombardi said, Pope Francis is intending to aim the church’s mission towards the poorer less fortunate people of the world by appointing cardinals from these countries.

He named other cardinals from Nicaragua, Chile, Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, South Korea, and the archbishop of Westminster, in Britain, Vincent Nichols. Cardinals chosen are known as “princes of the church.” Pope Francis appointed Mario Aurelio Poli, the archbishop of Buenos Aires, this was the Pope’s previous position, before he was elected as the first Pope to come from Latin America.

Pope Francis appointed sixteen cardinals who are under the age 80 and eligible to elect the next Pope, one of the most important tasks of being a cardinal. The cardinals will officially take their new positions, after a ceremony in the Vatican, on Feb. 22. The Pope gave his announcement from the window of his studio in St. Peter’s Square.


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