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Neiman Marcus Admits to Security Breach Over Holidays

Neiman Marcus admits they also suffered from a security breach over the holiday shopping season last year, just another U.S. retailer to admit to suffering the same fate as Target Corp has so publicly been scrutinized for. According to sources familiar with these attacks, other merchants were also hit but have not yet publicly disclosed this.

Neiman Marcuts Admits Securtiy Breach

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Similar breaches on at least three other well-known U.S. retailers took place and were conducted using similar techniques as the one on Target, according to people familiar with the attacks per NY Daily News. These breaches have yet to be announced publicly.They suspect that the criminals who helped carry this out may be the same as those who launched the Target attack, although they cannot be sure as they are still trying to find the culprits behind all these security breaches.

Law enforcement sources have said they suspect the leaders of this plot are from Eastern Europe, which is where most large cyber-crime cases have taken place over the past decade.

Neiman Marcus admits that they are not sure if the breach was related to the Target incident.  Target disclosed on December 19 that some 40 million credit card numbers had been stolen in a cyber-attack. Target later admitted the data breach was worse than they originally thought.

Retailers are often weary to report data breaches out of concern it could potentially hurt their business. Target only acknowledged their large scale attack after security blogger Brian Krebs brought the breach to the public eyes, prompting inquiries from journalists and investors alike.

Neiman Marcus admits an outside forensics firm discovered evidence back on Jan. 1 that indicated the retailer had been the next victim of a cyber-attack. They disclosed the breach nine days later, after yet another inquiry from Kerebs, who had been following up on reports about a surge in fraudulent charges traced to the retailer.

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