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Even Scientists Doubting Global Warming

Take a deep breath humanity might be safe from Global Warming!!

Judith Curry and Marcia Watt, two climate scientists write in highly respected  journal Climate Dynamics.

No Global Warming

No Global Warming flicker

They claim that earths surface temperatures have not increased since 1997. Some claim that this may just be a pause in global warming and it may continue into the 2030’s

Curry and Watt discovered that global warming temperature increases were overestimated by the United Nations Panel of Climate Change. The role of natural gasses was underestimated and it exaggerated the role of greenhouse gasses.

It was claimed by climate scientists that storms will be more severe and frequent, yet hurricane season for 2013 has been one of the calmest in over 40 years

Even Al Gore in 2007 predicted that the ice in the arctic would disappear by 2013 due to global warming. Well its 2014 and the arctic still remains, in fact arctic ice has increased in size and the south pole ice is the thickest its been in 35 years.

They stopped calling it global warming because the earth isn’t warming. However, they called it climate change. Which was a theory that burning fossil fuels that emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere traps heat, caused by humans. If carbon dioxide is responsible for global warming , then where is the warming?

Global warming is a theory, it has been used to frighten the average person into changing the way they live. The fact that there is no solid proof that global warming is happening is enough for me to feel comfortable to believe that humanity is safe from the evil of global warming.

In fact reports suggest that earth may be in for a new solar cycle, cycle 25, which predicted by NASA scientists have shown that it will be significantly cooler than cycle 24.  This data contradicts the theory that carbon dioxide pollution is causing global warming. We may even be heading towards a global cooling




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  • GeraldWilhite

    Global warming is an unproven hypothesis that says that man-made CO2 is the primary cause of climate change. Its primary prediction is that when CO2 goes up, global surface temperatures go up. For the past 17 years, there has been no global warming. Many scientists and citizens see this as an obvious failure of the AGW hypothesis, and conclude that global warming is a sham, a con game, perpetrated by the United Nations. .

    • DrRaeMD

      All temperature records agree the earth is warming, they only disagree regarding by how much. HadCRUT (now in its 4th series) estmates the smallest increase (likely because it doesn’t cover 20% of the globe, such as much of Africa, and the poles), and it shows a warming of 0.11C per decade since 1995, or ~0.9C since 1860. The NASA GISS series shows a warming of 0.15C per decqde since 1995, or ~0.8C since 1890. The NOAA NCDC sets show a warming of ~0.25C since 1990, or a warming of ~0.7C since 1890. The total heat anomaly of the entire globe (ie including the oceans) is >220 x10^21 Joules since 1950 (as per Murphy 2009).
      There are recurrent lulls in the warming of surface/atmospheric data sets, such as ~1890-1910, again in ~1940-1975. Even if there had been no warming for the last 17 years (which is patently false), that would not be surprising given the patterns we have seen through the instrumental record.
      The primary prediction of Man-made climate change is not nearly so simple as you make it out to be. The primary prediction is that as we add greenhouse gases (which include CO2) to the atmosphere, there will be less heat lost from the earth, resulting in a net heating of the planet (not just surface temperatures). Since ~90% of the heat content of the planet’s surface is water, most of the excess heat will go there. Lo and behold, it does (Domingues 2008, etc).
      The IPCC predicted, based on the best science available at the time of their last full review, a global warming of 0.9C with the CO2 increase we’ve made. We’ve seen a 0.7 – 0.9C warming according to HadCRUT, NASA, and NOAA. That’s some darned accurate science, IMHO

      • DrRaeMD

        Correct. I was not quoting the 2013 report, but the last one (2007), whose predictions, have proven to be fairly accurate, as have the predictions of previous reports. Not perfect predictions, ’cause that’s impossible, but each iteration is more accurate than the one before, ’cause that’s how science works, as a self-correcting iterative process. I predict this report, when it is completed, will make even more accurate predictions than previous ones.

    • Jesse4

      Carbon dioxide does trap heat, and humans have elevated CO2 levels by about 40%.
      When you put those two proven facts together, you get warming. No need for elaborate conspiracy theories.

      • GeraldWilhite

        CO2 does trap heat and it is elevated. BUT global surface temperatures have not gone up for 17 years. That’s why scientists are doubting the AGW hypothesis.

  • KK Aw

    If the polar region can radiate heat out into the universe when the temperature is already sub-zero, how can greenhouse gases cause the earth to warm? The earth will find its own energy balance, perhaps taking a little longer in some situation.

    • DrRaeMD

      The universe has a net temperature of the universe is ~2.7K, or -270.4C. Until ther polar regions reach that temperature, they will continue to radiate heat out. Greenhouse gases cause some of that heat to not radiate, thus acting like a big blanket. Basic physics, understood for at least 130 years.

      • KK Aw

        The predominant greenhouse gas is water vapor and clouds, not Co2. The daily temperature range in the tropics can be from 24 to 33 degrees Celsius, whereas in the desert, it could be from 15 to 42 degrees. Try explaining that with the CO2 hypothesis.

        • DrRaeMD

          Correct, water vapour is the predominant GHG (at 75W/m^2, Kiehl 1997), but it’s concentration in the atmosphere is dependent on the temperature (see Clausius-Clapeyron), so it has no ‘forcing’ effects. CO2 (32 W/m^2), NOx, CH4, and other GHGs are dependent on other factors, which means by dumping them into the atmosphere we alter their forcing effects (eg Evans 2006). This causes a warming, which causes the H2O in the atmosphere to increase, which further increases the temperature (positive feedback until stabilization… until we add more GHG). H2O has increased by 0.41 kg/m^2 since 1988, which has been shown to be largely driven by increased CO2 (Santer 2007).

          • KK Aw

            When the temperature increases, the vapor pressure increases, it does not mean that its concentration in the atmosphere will increase. That depends on other factors. Phase changes involve energy and water vapor acts very effective moderating agent that you are refusing to acknowledge with your silly analogy.

            Forcings effects look like another self-serving term used by climate modelers to ignore various parameters that they cannot model. They should get out into the real world and observe the formation of clouds and their life cycles.

  • jimmyjimmydore

    sorry but, this debate has already taken place and climate scientists all agree. So, just to sum up: global warming is a thing, tax cuts for millionaires don’t create jobs, and Mitt Romney did not win in a landslide.

    • http://www.laag.us/ www_LAAG_us

      Science, economics and politics are now just combined into “religion”. We no longer can believe any facts. I blame that on the lie spreaders that live on the internet. The internet has been great for gossip and rumor mongers. dont try to talk facts to the “new religion”. They have their own facts. Facts they read on the internet that they cannot distinguish from the real facts. So yes the human race is doomed by itself. The great human experiment will die out and maybe reptiles who like the heat will take over. Evolution will march on without us. Humans were just a brief hiccup in time. Oh they had so much potential to be the stewards of the earth but they F ed it up. I have given up trying to convince people of their own ignorance. Ignorance is learned. The earth will heal itself once we are gone and stop polluting it. We are the only species on the earth that is so arrogant about its environment. We know better. Dont try to tell us what to do. We can beat the scientists and Congress and we can WIN! (its all about winning dont ya know) What they fail to realize is that when you take on Mother Nature you generally loose in the end. Wins are only temporary in geologic time.