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Recall On Pentaluma Beef

 Cows not inspected before slaughter causes recall on Pentaluma beef!



U.S. Department of agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced on Monday the recall on pentaluma beef from Rancho Feeding Corporation on Monday.

Over 41,000 pounds on the recall on pentaluma beef, officials say cows weren’t properly inspected before they were slaughtered.

These are the products for the recall on pentaluma beef.

50-lb. boxes of Beef Feet

20-lb. boxes of Beef Oxtail

50-lb. boxes of Beef Hearts

60 and 30-lb. boxes of Beef Liver

30-lb. boxes of Beef Cheeks

60-lb. boxes of Beef Tripe

30-lb. boxes of Beef Tongue

Wednesday January 8th the beef was produced and shipped to stores and distributors in California.

FSIS has no reports of illness due to the beef products, but if anyone is concerned about a potential illness they advise you to seek the proper health care needed.

The boxes and carcasses have a USDA marking stamp with “EST.527″ on them, also there is a case number on each box “ON904″ according to a press release.

This is considered a class 1 recall, known as the most serious type that may cause risk of health if consumed.

The recall on pentaluma beef was a problem discovered as a result of an ongoing investigation. FSIS believes the company produced product without full ante-mortem inspection as per federal regulations.

Rancho’s owners, Jesse Amaral and Robert Singleton, did not respond for comment left Sunday and Monday at their homes, as well as at the business’ office. Workers were present at the plant Monday, and some cattle were in holding pens.

We can only hope that this sends a message to all the other slaughter houses to keep with USDA regulations so all the meat we get is safe to eat. No one wants to have an illness due to a mistake that should have been corrected.

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