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Zip Gun Responsible For Texas School Evacuation

School officials say a student was taken into custody after bomb squad was dispatched


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Seven Lakes High School in Katy, Texas was evacuated Monday morning after a threat was identified. It was called a potential explosive device so the Harris County Sheriffs office dispatched their bomb squad.

Later in the afternoon district officials said the potential explosive device they found turned out to be a zip gun. They explain the zip gun to be an object designed to propel another object which may cause harm.

Students were evacuated to the football and baseball fields until later that day released to go home. The students will be allowed to come back to school on Tuesday as officials say the building has been cleared and the device is secured.

The student who is in custody responsible for the zip gun incident is pending charges for his actions.

A senior Josh Rubin said of the suspect ” He was kind of a pyrotechnic, if you know what that is. He liked to make fire.”  Josh also stated “He honestly is a nice person if you just talk to him but he would be a person I would expect to do something like this”

A zip gun is considered a firearm manufactured by someone who is not a regular maker of firearms. They are as much danger to the user as well as the target. Improvised firearms are commonly used by criminals and  insurgents. Self-defense in lawless areas and hunting game for food or profit in poor rural areas are some examples of reasons why one makes a zip gun.

Its a relief to know that the student is in custody and the fact that it wasn’t an explosive device but a zip gun, although a zip gun is still rather dangerous as well as illegal on school campuses. No one should try to make a zip gun, they are dangerous to you as well as to others.

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