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Google Spends Big Money To Purchase The Smart Thermostat From Nest Labs

Nest Labs smart thermostat

Nest Labs Smart Thermostat Photo Courtesy: Facebook

Google spent 3.2 billions dollars to buy the company that makes the smart thermostat. Nest Labs produces the high-tech smart thermostat and smoke detectors. The purchase is Google’s second-largest in the companies history. Google has been one of Nest’s top investors.

The high-tech smart thermostat and smoke detectors have been high selling products since hitting the market. Google says the Nest Learning Thermostat has been a “consistent best seller.” The smart thermostat sells in stores for $249; it learns at what temperature people like to keep their homes and adjusts the temperature automatically on its own to keep the home comfortably heated or cool.

The Nest smoke alarm is designed to be slightly quieter and less obnoxious than other smoke alarms, instead of producing that loud annoying beep when smoke is detected the alarm lights up yellow and speaks to you in a human voice alerting you of the danger. The smoke alarm also gives users the option to simply turn it off if there is no emergency by waving an arm in front of the sensor. The Nest Protector sells for $129, compared to other smoke alarms that sell for $50 to $80 in stores.

Google is buying up products that can be sold to keep homes more wirelessly connected. Intelligent wireless devices that users can control using their smartphones. Analyst Shyam Patil of Wedbush Securities said Google is positioning itself to offer products that work on the “Internet of Things”. Last year Google unveiled Chromecast, this device allows users to connect their TV’s and mobile devices. Patil said in a telephone interview “It’s a big market opportunity and it provides Google with good technology to attack it over time.”

“Google Spends Big Money To Purchase The Smart Thermostat From Nest Labs”

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