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What Star Wars action figures are rare?

What Star Wars action figures are rare?

For those who have been living in a galaxy far, far away for the past few decades, Star Wars is an American movie franchise by George Lucas.  This space opera series began in 1977 and has since spawned several successful sequels and a huge product licensing franchise as well.  One of the related products is a line of Star Wars action figures.

 “double telescoping” rare star wars action figures

“Double telescoping” rare Star Wars action figures

Toy collectors know that some action figures were produced in lesser quantities and are therefore considered by some to be rare.  Some of the rarest figures are the “double telescoping” Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker.  “Double telescoping” refers to how the action figures’ individual lightsabers function—meaning they open or extend into two sections.  As one expert explained, one section is connected to the hand of the individual figure while the other section emerges from out of the tip of the first part.  The manufacturer of the toys, Kenner, soon chose to replace these extending parts with but one piece of plastic.  Because the company did not ship many of the figures made with the double telescoping feature and never made any more collectors consider them very rare.

rare star wars action figures

Rare Star Wars action figures

Another figure considered to be rare is the Blue Snaggletooth figure produced in 1978.  The toy was meant to be included exclusively in the Sears Star Wars Cantina Adventure Set.  The manufacturer produced the first toys twice as tall as they were meant to be and also in blue rather than red.  (The film company had only provided black and white stills and not enough details to Kenner.)  Because they quickly stopped production of these erroneous figures it automatically made them rare.  Collectors are also quick to caution that these rare figures are truly only worth whatever someone else is currently willing to pay for them.

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