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4 Kittens Break Into A Maximum Security Prison

4 kittens break into a maximum security prison in upstate New York

4 kittens break into a maximum security prison

4 kittens break into a maximum security prison
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A different type of jail break occurred a few months ago.  However, instead of the typical break out of jail, 4 kittens attempted, and succeeded, a break in.  A litter of tan colored kittens now resides in the basement of the Great Meadow Correctional Facility in upstate New York.

Employees and inmates alike are aiding in the care of these kittens, who reportedly are in much better shape now than when they were discovered.  Found a few months ago, they were covered in hundreds of fleas, and needed to be fed milk through a bottle.

Bruce Porter, the head electrician, is the main caretaker of the four kittens.  He reportedly states, “I’ve got a soft heart for any sort of animal. I don’t mind helping them out a bit.”

The four kittens reside in a 12 foot by 3 foot housing unit built by an inmate from wood and chicken wire.  The living quarters feature a living area and bathroom.

When Bruce Porter and many other employees are off on the weekends, an inmate called “cat whisperer” cares for them.  The “cat whisperer” was named such for reportedly getting the kittens to follow directions.  He speaks Spanish to them.

The kittens’ names correlate with the area where the prison complex is built.  Doc stands for the Department of Correctional Services, Comstock is the location, Annie for Fort Ann, and Meadow for Great Meadow.

Other cats have reportedly strayed onto the premises previously from a nearby farm, however those instances occur less often due to the farm closing.  Great Meadow utilizes the Trap, Neuter and Release program.

So far, 10 cats have successfully found homes, mostly among staff members.  The four kittens will be released in spring unless they find homes as well.

4 Kittens Break Into A Maximum Security Prison.

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