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Yale University Fraternity Members Being Sued For Deadly Crash

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A deadly tailgating crash from 2011 at the Yale-Harvard football game is coming back to haunt members former and current from Yale frat houses. Eighty-six fraternity members from Yale University  are being sued over the deadly tailgating crash.

During the night of the football game a rental truck was hauling beer kegs around outside of the annual Yale Bowl in the tailgating area. The rental truck was headed towards the Sigma Phi Epsilon tailgating area, when it struck and killed 30-year-old Nancy Barry from, Salem, Mass., and injured two other women putting them in hospital. The student driving the truck was from Yale and he entered a probationary period to have all the criminal charges wiped clean from his record.

Members from the fraternity are being sued by Barry’s lawyers and one of the other two women who were injured. A lawsuit was filed late last month against members from the fraternity, because they say the insurance that covers the national Sigma Phi Epsilon organization does not cover the local the chapter, so they are forced to sue members from the fraternity. Members from the fraternities local chapter have declined to comment.

Since the deadly crash Yale has made stricter tailgating rules.

Sigma Phi Epsilon is nationwide fraternity for male college students. The fraternity was founded in 1901, at Richmond College (now the University of Richmond), the fraternity national headquarters are still in Richmond, Virginia. Sigma Phi Epsilon is the largest fraternity in the United States and was founded on three main principles: virtue, diligence, and brotherly love. 

Members from the fraternities national headquarters have also declined to comment on the incident.

“Yale University Fraternity Members Being Sued For Deadly Crash”

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