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Starbucks App Leaves Customers Info At Risk

Popular App saves customers information such as passwords and other personal information.

According to a report hackers may be able to access personal information from the app Starbucks offers for it’s customers. This app enables customers to purchase items at Starbucks using their smartphones. If a hacker finds a phone that was left behind, they could plug it into a laptop and access passwords and your other personal information. They wouldn’t even need you PIN code.

Spokesmen for Starbucks Jim Olson reported that no customer has yet complained about being hacked. Starbucks spokeswomen Linda Mills understands their is vulnerability and believes that it’s far fetched for being exploited.

However exploiting this would not be an simple task. A hacker must first come into possession of a Starbucks customers phone, understand how to access files, and have a computer handy. The chances someone is capable of all three is rare.

If the hacker is successful, they can access money in your Starbucks account, as well as other accounts if you use the same passwords as your Starbucks account. Therefore it can put your money at risk.

Olsen reports that Starbucks is always evolving and enhancing our systems to ensure that our systems are secure.

Starbucks customer Daniel Wood was first to exploit this issue as he tested the App to insure the safety of his personal information. He reported to CNNMoney claiming that the App is storing users information. Later after his report he was contacted by Starbucks. His claim was later reported by ComputerWorld.

Olsen say’s this Starbucks App is used by nearly 10 million customers.

Hopefully Starbucks can work this issue out so customers may use their Apps for the convenience of not pulling out their wallet. I prefer to pay cash for most everything I buy therefore my passwords and personal information will hopefully be safe.

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