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Two Beers A Day Increase Risk Of Memory Loss

Studies show that more than two beers a day speeds up memory loss in middle age men.

Scientists at University College London have studied over 5,000 British men for 20 years as they discovered middle age men who heavily drink increase risk of damaging their memory.

Moderate drinking or less than two beers had no effect on memory reasoning or problem solving.

It was when they had two beers or more every day for 20 years scientists found a deterioration in their ability to recall information. It was similar as adding six years of aging. Also found was a decline in the brains attention span and reasoning skills.

This study involved tracking the drinking habits of 5,054 people for a ten year period from the late 1990s, then checking their mental ability over the next ten years until 2009.

Severine Sabia an Author of the University College London said.”Our study focused on middle-aged participants and suggests that heavy drinking is associated with faster decline in all areas of cognitive function in men.”

Over 2,000 women were also included in the study, however there were not enough heavy drinkers in order to study their rate of mental decline compared to moderate drinkers.

According to the study Men in their 40s who drink more than two beers or over two pints of beer a day at risk of memory decline. Also one beer a day might not put us at risk to increase memory loss.

Dr Simon Ridley, from the charity Alzheimer’s Research UK, said, “These latest results could serve as one more reason to stick to any New Year’s resolutions to cut back on alcohol.”

If you’re a middle aged man and concerned about your health this scientific study might help you for the future. As much as everyone loves having a few drinks I believe health should be more important.

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    Once a year, we go to a local Beer Fest… and in the long, lean months between, we might indulge in an Anchor Steam Christmas ale, a fresh draft with pizza, or a nice cold lager or bitter on a really hot day… but we actually drink more wine- usually a nice red two or three nights a week. We’re not in any danger…. but we still get to enjoy what we like without killing off too many brain cells.