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Will Queen release lost record?

Will Queen release lost record?

Will Queen release lost record?


Brian May, lead guitarist for Queen, has some exciting news for fans of the group’s classic line-up.  But first, for those not up on their rock “royalty”, Queen is A Brit band formed in 1970 in London, England.  The original roster included the now late Freddie Mercury (lead vocals and piano), Brian May (guitar and vocals), John Deacon (bass) and Roger Taylor (drums and vocals).   After Mercury’s death in 1991 the group was obviously unable to record any more true Queen tracks.  Mere days ago, after being told that he was cancer free, May made another exciting announcement.

May stated he has discovered a lost recording which features Mercury.  According to a Jan. 13 post on his website: “Some Queen magic is happening . . . I feel it in my bones.  (T)he track we dusted off today has the four of us — Freddie, John, Roger and myself — playing together on a track we’d forgotten about that was never finished.”

Critics were quick to ponder about the potential poor quality of the piece.  One even noted that “such a track would have to be in a pretty sorry state to have been forgotten about all these years” since the band had supposedly previously plumbed the vaults for the 1995 disc Made in Heaven.

May, however, claims the work “sounds so fresh, now all carefully transferred into the ProTools environment but sounding exactly like it did straight off the 24-track tape it was recorded on over 30 years ago.”  He confides: “I got quite emotional hearing some of it . . . some rough takes, some discussion and banter, and then a really good take and some overdubs, and well . . . it’s crying out to be finally brought into the world.”

He also implied there was another project in progress as well.  He said he and Taylor were   “both working on ‘archaeology’ this week” and noted that they were going to “meet up and compare notes very soon and figure out where to go from (t)here.”

Will Queen release lost record?

Queen circa 1990

May is definitely excited about the new projects.  “I can’t help but feel a buzz. I’m energized again.  It’s nice to be putting the Queen hat on again for a while.”

Perhaps for legal reasons May would not comment further as to whether the recently rediscovered recording would be released as a single, an EP or an album.  Nor would he commit to a release date.    “It’s annoying to have to be so secretive, but I guess I have to, for now.  This year will be interesting, to say the least. I’m very thankful I will get to enjoy it.”

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