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Homeowners In PA. Advertise House As Being Slightly Haunted

The homeowners say they hear banging doors, creaking noises coming from the basement, and they always feel like someone is standing behind them. Gregory and Sandi Leeson are constantly having hair-raising experiences, while living in their 113-year-old Victorian style home.



The Pennsylvania couple put their home on the market last month and advertised it as being “slightly haunted.” Since putting the house on the market they’ve gotten phone calls from ghost hunters and other thrill seekers looking for some type of paranormal phenomena, but no serious offers to buy the house. A former resident who lived in the house as child came forward claiming he found a skull in the basement as a boy. Sandi claims that she is always hearing a clicking lighter coming from the basement. She says, “I definitely think there’s a spirit or a ghost in the house, just from my personal experiences.” Gregory is starting wonder if listing the house as being haunted was a good idea or not.

Slightly haunted. Nothing serious, though,” says the listing on Zillow’s real-estate site. It goes on to describe 3:13 a.m. screams and “the occasional ghastly visage” in the bathroom mirror.

Greg Leeson a 35-year-old man who works in the information technology field says, “I tried to word it with a little bit of a sense of humor, but I don’t think it has helped with marketing. We’re not really getting very many interested buyers. We’re getting a lot of nonsense people.” Greg admits that the house is pretty creepy, but he doesn’t believe in ghosts. The four-bedroom home listed $144,000 on the market, just wants to find a legitimate buyer. The couple is hoping that warmer spring weather will attract more serious buyers and if they can’t sell the home they’ve considered renting it out at night to attract people looking for a ghostly experience.

 “Homeowners In PA. Advertise House As Being Haunted”


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