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Spiders “Twerking” To Protect Themselves

Thanks to pop star Miley Cyrus, the male black widows way to avoid being dinner is considered “Twerking”

The secret of how male black widows try to attract females has been found.  A group of researchers from Vancouver reveal this in a study.

To avoid being mistaken as dinner for the female, researchers have found that the male spider shakes his abdomen to inform the female that he is a potential mate.

The female spider is highlytuned in to detecting vibrations from prey who enter her web, whether it be house flies, crickets, or other insects.

This presents a rather big challenge for the male spider seeing as how he does not want to become her meal. When the male enters her web he must present himself in such a way to ensure he doesn’t mimic the prey.

Researchers studied the vibrations between the male black widow and the prey. They found the males vibration to be much longer than that of the prey. The vibration he makes is also different from other species of spiders so she can consider the male for courtship.

The Black widow spider is one of several spiders in the Latrodectus genus. The name of the group is derived from the practice of the female of the species devouring the male after copulation. Definition described in Wikipedia 

A news release associated with this study  describes this process as “Twerking.” We can all thank Miley for her contribution to help society as much as possible. She started the major controversy over her sexually-provocative performance where she was seen “Twerking” at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

The paper, published in the journal Frontiers in Zoology, says not much is known about how spiders use their silk webs to communicate.

This study in my opinion is completely irrelevant to “Twerking” I just find it a little comical that they compare the two.



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