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Bone Chilling Temperatures Not To Be Confused As Polar Vortex

Temperatures yet again are set to drop in the Midwest and Northeast.

Starting Sunday weather is prompting the return as some would consider a Polar Vortex. People have used the term Polar Vortex to describe these below average bone chilling temperatures. However meteorologists say please don’t call this a Polar Vortex.

A Polar Vortex is considered a real weather phenomenon, this phenomenon does not normally occur in the United States. weather.com describes it as a circular weather pattern that has always been stationed above the Arctic.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration claims that the swirling high-altitude system doesn’t move into the U.S. though parts of it can break off and push cold air south.

These cold temperatures we have experienced in early January were the results of the Polar Vortex getting weaker, or becoming warmer. While that occurs it releases a powerful chill through the northern climes. Basically when the Arctic gets warmer the United States will get colder.

Meteorologists can easily predict the U.S. will continue to freeze as the year goes on due to the Polar Vortex continuing to break down.

This week it is predicted to hit the upper Midwest and the Great Lakes region by Sunday, temperatures to drop in the lower teens. Then the Northern Plains to the Upper Mississippi Valley, Great Lakes, Ohio Valley and Northeast will get hit by the cold by Tuesday on into Thursday.

Temperatures are predicted to be 10 to 25 degrees below average.

Meteorologists claim that January’s cold outbreak will not be as unbearable as the one earlier in the month. As temperatures are predicted to get below zero in the up coming months.

For those who have survived this first cold “Polar Vortex” as some have called it. This week should be nothing similar to the last one. We can’t speak for what’s yet to come for the remainder of winter tho so stay warm.


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