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Michelle Obama Celebrates Turning 50 in Style

Michelle Obama celebrates turning the big 5-0 at a dance party to envy, taking place at the White House Saturday night.

Michelle Obama Celebrates turning 50

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The White House has stayed mum on the guest list or how many people are expected to attend the soiree or even who is providing the entertainment.

Word has gotten out that President Barack Obama has told guests to come prepared to dance.

White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett is only saying that “people will move” at the party per the Washington Post.

Word on the street is that Beyonce, who is close with the Obamas, will sing at the celebration though this has yet to be confirmed. Beyonce’s husband, Rapper Jay Z, performed in Washington on Thursday night, which means the duo may still be in the area awaiting a performance tonight perhaps?

The first lady turned 50 a few days back and spent her birthday largely out of the public eye, though there was a Twitter post in which she showed off her new AARP card.

While Michelle Obama celebrates another sure to be fabulous year, the world celebrates all of her accomplishments.

Aside from being the first Black First Lady, she is also the youngest to hold this esteemed position since Jackie Kennedy.

She’s also an accomplished lawyer, Chicago city administrator, community outreach worker, and still manages to excel at playing her most important role, mother to two beautiful daughters.

Perhaps what makes Michelle Obama most appealing to the general public is that she so relatable.

She has been seen shopping at Target, has an enviable style, tells the world exactly what she is thinking(and usually we agree with every word she says), she routinely repeats her outfits, she has toned arms that any girl would envy,  she’s career-minded, and above all, is an amazing mother and wife.

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