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4 Kids Stabbed, 2 Killed In Claimed Maryland Exorcism

Two women were arrested on Friday night in Germantown Maryland after what police claim was a brutal assault on 4 children. The two women claim that they were performing an exorcism on the children, during which they managed to stab 4 kids, killing the 2 youngest. The two children who were killed were only 1 and 2 years old, the others who survived were ages 5 and 8. All of the children belonged to one of the women arrested Friday night, Zakieya Latrice Avery.

4 Kids Stabbed, 2 Killed In Claimed Maryland Exorcism

4 Kids Stabbed, 2 Dead In ExorcismAs of Saturday, Police have charged both of the women who were taking care of the children with murder. The two accused murderers each face 2 counts of first degree murder, and 2 counts of attempted first degree murder, according to police reports. The 5 and 8 year old kids remain hospitalized through the weekend to be treated for stab wounds. Police are not buying the motive of an exorcism, and are continuing to look further into the case to determine what would motivate a mother to attempt to kill all of her children with a knife. There are more likely other underlying causes to what had driven Avery into madness.

A 911 operator took the call late Friday night from a frightened neighbor who had walked by the townhouse. The neighbor told the 911 operator that there was a vehicle with its door left open, and a large knife laying inside. The neighbor had presumed the worst, and thankfully called for help. The neighbor’s quick thinking may have saved the lives of the 2 remaining kids, both of whom were already severely injured.

When police arrived at the house on the 19000 block of Cherry Bend they found 21-year old Monifa Sanford in the house with 2 dead children and 2 injured children. The children’s mother, Zakieya Latrice Avery had already attempted to flee as police arrived on the scene. Avery was arrested shortly after.

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4 Kids Stabbed, 2 Killed In Claimed Maryland Exorcism.

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