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Man Traps Burglars in Basement


The man who has caught three burglars in his own basement is called a hero.




This strange event took place in Huskvarna, Sweden. In the police officer’s report it stated that the quick thinking of the man he was able to trap three burglars in the basement and call for police assistance. . UPI gives a background on this weird news headline from this Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014.

The man who trapped the three burglars in his own basement this Saturday knew there was potentially dangerous threat occurring very early in the morning. While waking up in Huskvarna, a southern city of Sweden, the man suddenly heard an emergency alarm go off. He snuck down to the basement, and soon found three men wearing black sifting through boxes and trying to steal from the apartment residents.

Police praised the man for his quick decisions. Rather than make a scene or call them out, the man instead slammed the door shut, locking it and immediately calling for law enforcement to arrive. Within minutes the police arrived and found the three burglars trapped like rats in a cage. Upon opening the door, they successfully arrested all three burglars.

As police were happy to credit the man for his quick thinking, they also made an important public service announcement, it referred to civilians who step into potentially dangerous situations. While being acceptable for the man to look at what might have caused the security alarm to go off, they did warn against the public for trouble and to call police they do not the public to intervene in a threatening situation, unless necessity calls for it.

What would you have done if something similar happened to you? Is it worth risking your safety for personal belongings? I feel like depending on the situation, it is important to stand up for what’s right and stand up for what is yours.

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