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3 quick questions 8

3 quick questions . . .

with Solomon King

3 quick questions

Solomon King

Solomon King is a musician/singer-songwriter, self-styled “New-School Blues” artist and burgeoning actor.

Here are the 3 quick questions asked of Solomon King:

1.  What was the defining moment that pushed you into starting a career in music?

King: When I was eight years old my parents finally got me a guitar.  I had been bugging them before that.  I found an old photo of myself with a Mickey Mouse toy guitar when I was three or four.  Career? Defining moments? I’m not sure what either of those terms means.  For me the guitar has been a lifelong “passion”: inescapable, unobtainable, undeniable.

3 quick questions

Solomon King as Phil Spector

2.  You portrayed Phil Spector in a film not too long ago (the 2011 DVD I Think I Shot Her also known as “The Phil Spector Incident”).  How did playing the man—especially in such a controversial, at times sexually disturbing manner–influence you?

King: There is a scene in the movie when Phil Spector looks himself in the mirror and sees the emptiness that he has become.  Whenever I look in the mirror I check to make sure that I don’t see the same quality in myself.  Spector’s sexuality was all about predatory desperation – my sexuality is about the glory of resuscitation.

3 quick questions

Solomon King

3.  What is your next project?

King: I would like to do something from outer space.  I could use some help to make that happen.  Perhaps your readers have some ideas?

Any ideas, readers?  At any rate, there it is, guys and dolls, 3 quick answers from “New Blues Artist” Solomon King.  As per usual, hopefully, you found these 3 quick questions entertaining and interesting.

(Images courtesy of Solomon King)


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