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Ford Working On Bringing Out Self Driving Car


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Researchers from Ford Motor Co. are working with Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University to overcome obstacles for self driving cars. Work on the automated car is to take place on the Ford Fusion hybrid research vehicle.

Ford released its research car last month with similar technology to some of the vehicles on the market today, but with an upgraded sensors that provide a real time 3D mapping display of the vehicles surroundings. Ford is working with Stanford on how the advanced sensors might be used to give car the ability to make evasive maneuvers, while driving on the freeway and around trucks. Researchers from Ford and MIT are working with advanced algorithms, so the automated driving car will be able to predict where pedestrians and other vehicles are going to be, while on the road.

Our goal is to provide the vehicle with common sense,” said Greg Stevens, global manager for driver assistance and active safety at Ford. Drivers are good at using the cues around them to predict what will happen next, and they know that what you can’t see is often as important as what you can see. Our goal in working with MIT and Stanford is to bring a similar type of intuition to the vehicle.” 

Ford’s vision for transportation is for the year 2025 and beyond. Google has been working with automakers in several states on producing semi-autonomous driving cars and that includes cars that can park themselves.

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