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Was Jonah Hill Ripped off For His Role in Wolf of Wall Street?

Photo courtesy of hypable.com

Photo courtesy of hypable.com

Jonah Hill has ascended the royalty ladder in Hollywood over the past couple years and moved on from being the funny guy to Academy Award nominated actor. Not once, but twice. First, for his role in Brad Pitt’s Moneyball and just recently for his work in Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street. But did he get ripped off?

The 30-year-old actor recently revealed to Howard Stern on Tuesday that he was paid $60 thousand for his role in the film. This is very low by Hollywood standards, especially when you consider that the films leading man, Leonardo DiCaprio earned an estimated $10 million for his work. The news came via a Tweet from Stern’s Sirius XM show.

“@jonahhill tells @howardstern that he did the 7 month ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ shoot for $60,000 because he wanted the role so bad,” read the Tweet.

The actor, however, was fully aware of what he was doing and is completely content with his compensation for the role. Hill stated that he was simply very excited to work with Scorsese and was happy to do it for the money he was offered. The $60 thousand Hill reportedly received is actually the minimum according to the regulations of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). But success is not only measured by the paycheck. As mentioned, Hill now has the opportunity to win an Oscar for his work on the film and his co-star DiCaprio will be looking to take home his very first one as well.

“I am so honored to be nominated. Thanks to the Academy and congrats to my fellow Wolves @LeoDiCaprio, Mr. Scorsese and Terry on their noms!” Hill said in a Tweet after the Oscar nominations were announced.

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  • http://www.sonshi.com Thomas Huynh

    Nobody knows whether he could’ve asked for more. But we all know he only wanted $60k and he got the role.

  • generationpolitics

    Who gives a s***t!

    Lower class income makes only $20k – $30k.

    WOW a rich Hollywood star works for 60k! stop the presses everyone.

  • Salini

    No, he was overpaid. The film is horrible, everyone walked out the day I went. Most demanded a refund. If you enjoy watching hookers anally raped with candles, cocaine sucked out their anuses, and hundreds of men constantly masturbating and raping hookers openly all day long for 3 hours of this movie, then this is the porno flick for you.

    But if you are a decent person with values, morals, decency and respect women and life as sacred, you will probably get sick to your stomach as I did. Porn on Christmas Day? Come on Hollywood. I see the trend to lowering everyone’s sensibilities and consciousness is on the rise. People are being brainwashed to believe this is “art” when it is just trashy pornography.

    I was saddened by the film and especially sad for Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese, both of whom I respect and have done fine work. Leo should have been recognized years ago for his many fine performances like, Blood Diamond, The Aviator, Titanic, The Great Gatsby, The Departed and esp his bio on J. Edgar Hoover, clearly his finest performance ever.. This is the worst film of his career. Scorsese’s last film was Hugo, one of the greatest films ever made in Hollywood. To see him sink to this is very tragic and embarrassing. I was embarrassed for everyone involved. If it wins anything, it’s been rigged.

    It’s just a porn flick with A-list actors and no script or acting at all. I’m sure Ron Jeremy could have done a better job.