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Want To Ask Edward Snowden A Question? Snowden To Address Obama LIVE from Russia

Just one week after the President Barack Obama spoke to the nation about the controversial NSA spying program, the man that opened the can of worms himself, Edward Snowden will answer public questions in an open forum today, Thursday January 23rd at 3pm EST or noon PST.

The Q & A where Snowden is to address Obamas statements about the NSA is hosted by the Courage Foundation who endorses the Snowden Defence Fund.

Snowden To Address Obama Today

Snowden in Russia

Edward Snowden in Moscow, Russia
Photo ByTheWikiLeaksChannel via Wikimedia Commons

In the first public live chat in over 6 months, much has developed in this complex NSA and GCHQ revelation, not just with the reaction of the public but with as continued flood of documentation released. The Snowden snowball effect has resulted in thousands of pages that include both “Revelations” about the program as well as the original “Revealed” documentation all have been conveniently assembled and archived on the freesnowden.is site which is archived by date and country.

If You Ever Wanted To Ask Snowden A Question

The Edward Snowden Live Q &A addressing President Obama’s speech about the NSA will last for one hour and any questions for the challenged patriot can be submitted in advance via Twitter using the #AskSnowden hashtag. All responses and questions will be recapped on American Live Wire and posted on the Free Snowden Courage Foundation website.

The independent study by the research group Pew Research Center released a report yesterday which found that despite the strong mixed reactions about Edward Snowden and his actions, over half (57%) of 18-29 year old Americans feel that Snowdens actions were useful, rather than “harmed public interest”, yet overall the results show that older people (over 50) were by far more critical of Snowdens actions.

The majority of all ages in the study agreed that, “Americans shouldn’t have to give up privacy and freedom in order to be safe from terrorism.”

Back in June of last year in an interview with Glen Greenwald for the Guardian (an unofficial whistle-blower spokesperson), Snowden told Greenwald that he wants the focus of Americans to be about the documents themselves and the program and not about him personally, adding the acceptance of being demonized by the government and in the media.

In October, Glenn Greenwald went on reddit’s AMA to answer questions about the NSA program and answered a range of other curious questions. It was announced that Greenwald will be a key member of a new media group called First Look Media.

Besides an expected slew of random questions from the public, the main purpose for Snowden to address Obamas speech may be in support of the Presidents plan to incorporate sweeping changes in the NSA programs collection of data, essentially part of the reason this whole Snowden snowball effect began in the first place.

Check back with American Live Wire for the details of this Q & A session where the details of Snowden addressing Obamas speech will be recapped and highlighted.

Feature image of President Obama By Pete Souza [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

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