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Vine Turns One Today, Happy Birthday to the Mobile App

Vine, the mobile app that allows the creation of six-second, looping videos, turns one today as we celebrate the popular application’s birthday. In just one year alone, it has grown to more than 40 million users.

Vine mobile app

Image courtesy of Inside Mobile Apps

The app launched just one year ago today, co-founder Colin Kroll said, with the goal to make finding, watching and sharing videos easier from people’s smartphones. Even the very own President of the United States is a user of the popular app.

“We had no idea what people would do with it, and every day we’re blown away by the creativity, comedy and momentous events we see captured on Vine,” Kroll said in an e-mailed response to USA TODAY Network.

Vine quickly differentiated itself from other apps in the marketplace by limiting users to sharing videos no more than six seconds in length, requiring those videos to be shot on a mobile phone and,  at least at the start, offering no video editing functionality beyond erasing it all and starting over again. Vine brought about a new type of filmmaking that was unlike anything people had encountered before.

Another unique factor of Vine? It has not changed since it has launched.  Many people question why this is the case, with other apps updating their features just about every month. With the great success Vine has achieved one would think it would want to change. Vine’s CEO thinks otherwise.

“We knew from the start that the videos needed to be brief,” explains Vine’s co-founder Colin Kroll, “for creative reasons, technical reasons, and attention reasons. Over two months, we tested variations of the size, from 10 seconds down to five seconds, and we went for six because it just feels right.”

“It turned out to be right, you know. The quote from Robert de Niro that ‘you can tell a whole story in six seconds’ really sums up my feeling about the length.”

There is no doubt that Vine will continue to achieve the same great sucess as many of it’s previous social media giants such as Twitter and Instagram, despite not changing.

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