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Metro North Loses Power And Shuts Down

Grand Central

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Last night at around 7:45 p.m. Metro-North Railroad lost power and was forced to shutdown three of its main lines running from Grand Central Terminal. Metro-North suffered a power failure to its computer system that controls all the railway traffic and engineers lost communications with the train conductors forcing the shutdown.

Chaos loomed as thousands of passengers were stranded for more than two hours at Grand Central Station. It made for an extremely long evening commute for passengers who were stranded on the tracks, while waiting for rail traffic to begin normal service again. One train was stuck on a bridge over the Harlem River.

We’re in a really bad position,” said one traveler, Marissa Shelton, adding, “We couldn’t get off even if we wanted to.”

Passengers aboard the stalled trains packed into the aisles and floor space impatiently awaiting for an update from crew members. Anxious commuters at Grand Central Station were given bottles of water while they waited and looked for empty spots along the stations walls for someplace to sit.

Patty Heegle, 23 arrived during the middle of the shutdown and instantly sensed that something wrong, she said,”We just walked in and saw something was wrong, because you never see this place standing still.”

After a more than two hour shutdown train lines at Metro North resumed service at around 9:45 p.m. by accessing a temporary power source.

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