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Top 10 Places You Did Not Know Existed 2014 #8

 Iguaza Falls #8

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Iguazu Falls - photo from Wikipedia

Iguazu Falls – photo from Wikipedia

Located near the Brazilian state of Paraná and the Argentine province of Misiones, this beautiful waterfall is marked as one of the Seven Wonders of Nature.

 Iguaza Falls #8

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  • naoma

    Iguaza Falls I have personally been there twice. Why is it even listed?

  • Eduardo Enrique Pridmenik


    • Luciana Souza

      Açu means big, Iguá means water (água) like the northern provinces of Aiuaçu Tomé Açu etc.

      • Eduardo Enrique Pridmenik

        “Guazú” means “big”, like in the fox “Aguará Guazú”. I was raised in guaraní zone, so I know well. And “Water” is “I” , or “Y”, like in Paragua-Y, Urugua-Y, I-berá, Wich is a giant aquifer.

        • Luciana Souza

          Im both descendant and worked/lived amongst the indigenous tribes of the north. Açú or wa´su both transliterations are acceptable means large, vast, big. I usually means river igara means canoe, Igua is reference to water Some gramatics believe that açu , assu, guassu and guaçu are equivalent words to be applied according to the intonation (remember oxitonas, paroxitonas, proparoxitonas?) however the rules about ç and ss swing from proper grammar to a cultural sense of special designation, (akin to the japanese reasons for katakana despite hiragana covering the same sounds) and yes you would see it with a Z because of being in a guarani zone which mixes more spanish, the tupi (general indigenous language so to say) is mostly from portuguese. Being that the Cataratas do Iguaçu is a Brazilian denomination its more fitting to go with its Portuguese transliteration. Also a guarani zone , if you mean paraguay where guarani is one of the spoken languages, we must remember that the jesuits had a large influence in it, they are original transliterators of the spoken languate into latin letters which , along with regional differences, is sure to evolve as a new language. However as far as my philology and general language knowledge goes, The original word for big is Açu.

  • Roger Cruz

    it’s “Iguaçu”

    where Ç sounds like SS

    Trust me. I live in Curitiba, capital of the state of Paraná

  • Whitfield McRory Palmer

    Is there some sort of journalistic style guide that is directing news writers to write condescending headlines? All I see these days is “things you don’t know” etc etc.

  • Sérgio Fontoura

    “Iguaza” falls?? Geography classes back, please.

    • Eduardo Enrique Pridmenik

      Iguazú, with the accent in the last “u”

  • Luciana Souza

    The name is IGUAÇU (pronounced Iguassu) on brazilian side and Iguazú for the argentineans. Açu is from tupi-guarani means big/large Iguá its water (água in portuguese) . And if you didnt know it existed before 2014 thats because you have never had basic geography class >.> it is considered one of the modern 7 wonders of the world.

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