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Bids On Ebay Skyrocket For Incredibly Rare NES World Championship Game

Photo courtesy of eBay

Photo courtesy of eBay

Gamers are among some of the worlds most passionate and dedicated collectors. However, only the most dedicated and wealthy will be able to have their shot at one of the rarest Nintendo collectors items in the world.

The NES World Championship game cartridge is arguably the holy grail of all gaming collectibles. Only 116 copies were ever made, so they are very rarely available for purchase. But for those looking, there is a copy on eBay right now, but it will cost you roughly $100 thousand to get it.

This is especially surprising considering the game is not the even more rare gold version. Also, the game is in fair condition at best, with the label torn off and the condition listed as “acceptable.” The bidding closed today, with the current bid listed at $99,702.

Other copies of the game have sold recently for around twenty thousand dollars, so it is hard to say what it is exactly that has driven up the price so high on this particular one. It is entirely possible that some false bids are responsible for causing the price to go so high, but that can’t be confirmed.

Even though the lucky winner will likely have to spend $100 thousand dollars or more on this particular copy of the NES World Championship game, the seller has been kind enough to offer free shipping for the lucky winner.


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