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Michaels Stores May Have Been Latest Victim Of Data Breach

Michaels stores says that it is investigating a potential data breach that may have put some of its customer’s credit and debit cards at risk. This potential breach of information security was targeted around the company’s customer account information. In the wake of other major retailer breaches, this does not come as a surprise. Michaels has yet to 100% determine if their suspected breach was actually the job of hackers, or possibly just a false alarm. Either way, the retailer is not taking this situation lightly, and is pursuing every course of action to determine what may have happened.

Michaels Stores May Have Been Latest Victim Of Data Breach

Michaels LogosTechnicians for the company are working with federal law enforcement officers, and have consulted with some major data security players. Soon, the company hopes to determine what may have happened in their suspected data hack.

All of these recent security breaches should signal to consumers that we are not as safe with our money as we once thought we were. These types of attacks may have been happening more frequently in the past, but given today’s technology the good guys are able to more easily detect the presence of the bad guys. As a consumer you should make sure that all of your accounts are as safe as possible. and also make sure that you are using a card that has protection for you and your money in the event that the information gets stolen and put to use.

Hackers had recently breached Target’s accounts and obtained roughly 40 million customer account numbers, and Neiman Marcus was later taken for a little more than 1 million account numbers. The hackers must be either looking for a quick way to obtain money through illegal means, or maybe they have an agenda of spreading fear and consumer doubt. If they are attempting to shake the faith of the American consumer by showing us that our money is up for grabs, then they may have to do a little more than just take our numbers. There have yet to be widespread cases of money actually being taken out of consumer’s accounts as a result of these wide scale breaches. so it should leave you to wonder what the entire purpose is behind the attacks.

Michaels Stores May Have Been Latest Victim Of Data Breach.

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