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Driver Blows Off His Hand With Firecracker

Man blows off his hand while driving.

Photo Courtesy: Associated Press

A man driving a Jeep blows off his hand with a firecracker, in Spokane, WA, early Saturday morning. The loud blast from the firecracker woke the neighbors who rushed outside to find the driver had blown his hand off. Police responding to loud explosion found a large stash of firecrackers in the mans Jeep.

Donald Wilkes said, the blast from the powerful firecracker shook his house and woke everyone inside up.“I looked around for something that got hit, but there was nothing,” Wilkes said. “My son reached in to pull the keys out of the ignition and make sure he didn’t go anywhere, and that’s when we saw his hand was missing. It blew it right off at his wrist — they found part of it half a block away.” Wilkes his son Nicholas and a neighbor applied tourniquet to the mans hand to help stop the bleeding.

All he did was look at my son and say, ‘Oh God, oh God.’ He looked like he was going to pass out,” Wilkes said.

The man was driving a red Jeep with a gray top and he appeared to between 28 to 30 years old with large stocky build. The blast from the firecracker blew out several of the Jeep’s window and blood was scattered on the driver side door. He was still awake while Wilkes and his son helped stop the bleeding, but he was clearly in shock. When the ambulance arrived on the scene they applied fresh tourniquets and took the man to the hospital. Hospital officials said, if the man lost anymore blood he probably would’ve died.

Spokane police and a bomb squad unit defused the rest of the explosives found in the Jeep. A decision has not yet been made if the man will face criminal charges, police are calling it an “isolated incident.” The bomb squad determined that explosion came from an M-1000 firecracker.

“Driver Blows Off His Hand With Firecracker”

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