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What is UrbEx? See Some Of The Best UrbEx Photos

UrbEx , otherwise known as urban exploration, is the exploration of man-made structures that are typically abandoned, or not generally seen in the scope of everyday life.  Occasionally, UrbEx adventurers have been known to enter abandoned buildings without permission, or otherwise trespass, however the seemingly minor infractions are typically innocent.

UrbEx is typically defined by the photography that develops out of each experience.  The photography speaks for itself, as some of the most stunning visuals are produced from UrbEx adventures.

Abandoned structures are widely considered to be a favorite amongst UrbEx enthusiasts.  These structures are often found marred by time and in some cases, graffiti.  Potentially considered distasteful to the common eye, seen through the lens of UrbEx, the features take on a haunting beauty.

Accessing restricted areas of active buildings and structures is typically referred to as infiltrating.  UrbEx travelers should take precautions as gaining access to off limits areas could be considered trespassing and may result in legal measures.  The photography gathered from these UrbEx ventures provide intriguing images that are not commonly seen from the perspective of everyday life.

Other areas that are commonly explored include sewer and storm drains, transit tunnels, and utility tunnels.  Each of these areas lends their unique architecture to the artistic eye of the UrbEx adventurer, waiting to be captured and frozen in a moment of eerie magnificence.

The main risks that are involved with UrbEx are the physical danger that could be affiliated with exploring abandoned, or off-limit areas, and the legal risks that could arise if trespassing is found to have been committed.

The exquisite images in our top ten best UrbEx photos were captured by the adventurous and adept photographers of Forbidden Places.

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Best UrbEx Photos

Best UrbEx Photos
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