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3 quick questions 9

3 quick questions . . .

with Alima Soul

3 quick questions

Alima Soul

Alima Soul is perhaps best known as the lead singer for the L.A.-based band Neverwonder which also includes Scott Ramsay (guitar and backing vocals), Vincent Ramos (bass and backing vocals) and Andres Ramos (drums, percussion and backing vocals).

Here are the 3 quick questions asked of Soul:

1. Do you remember when you decided you were going to make “lead singer” your career choice and if you can remember your first paid performance can you describe it?

Soul:I realized the day I was convinced to do a company talent show.  I remember I was singing the song “Killing Me Softly”, Fugees version, an oldie but goodie.  I ended up winning and receiving a nice prize.  It was a moment I was allowed to share my voice and emotions to an audience that enjoyed the song and connected with me.

I just knew I had to do this professionally and not just as a hobby.  For a long time, I kept that part of me behind closed doors.   But from then on, I was never the same because I had fallen love with being able to share the biggest part of me with others.   Singing and writing songs is in my DNA, my parents loved music and dance, so creativity flows through my veins.

2. We’re gonna get a bit Barbara Walters here for a moment.  You replaced two other lead singers for this band–Joy Pearson and Megan Bobo—so the question is how did that influence you and does it make any difference in how you perform at present?

Soul: I hold a high respect to these talented lead singers.  Some bits and pieces of each singer, a little grit and little soul, is what I think we all share.  I do want to carry on the spirit of the music they created and add my own flavor but the essence remains.  Their influence is that they hold the same importance of strong vocals, song writing, and good music, which drives me to do the same and keep raising the bar.

3 quick questions 9

Alima Soul

3. This last one is easy.  What’s next for you?

Soul:  This is a big a year, creating new songs, videos and completing our next album.  Continuing to perform at venues to spread our music and to gain more visibility.  Ready for this next chapter, and can’t wait to see how people will receive this next wave of our music.

So there you have it, guys and dolls, 3 quick answers from Neverwonder’s lead singer Alima Soul.  Hopefully, you found these 3 quick questions entertaining and interesting.

(Images courtesy of Alima Soul/Neverwonder)

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