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Approximately 20 Children Hospitalized For Gun Injuries Per Day

Approximately 20 Children Hospitalized For Gun Injuries Per Day

  • There are more male children hospitalized for gun injuries than female

  • Children hospitalized for gun injuries do not get as much attention as immediate fatalities

children hospitalized for gun injuries

About 20 children hospitalized for gun iinjuries every day
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A study by Yale School of Medicine researchers shows that there are about 20 children hospitalized for gun injuries every day.  According to the study, published in the January 27th edition of Pediatrics, six percent of these children die from their injuries.

The attention paid to these injuries is typically minimal, “but that every day, 20 of our children are hospitalized for firearms injury, often suffering severe and costly injuries, clearly shows that this is a national public health problem,” says Robert Sege, co-author of the study.

In 2009, a total of 7,391 children and teens under the age of 20 were hospitalized due to gun related injuries, and 453 of the children and teens died from their injuries.

Most of the injuries overall were due to assaults; however the main cause of injury in children under the age of 10 were due to unintentional or accidental injuries.

Gun related injuries are the second highest cause of death for teens age 15 to 19, even considering that the rates of gun injuries have declined over the past ten years.

Eighty nine percent of all hospitalizations due to gun related injuries were male.

Children released from the hospital after a gun related injury typically require extensive follow-up care, including rehabilitation, home health care, mental health or social services , and sometimes readmission to the hospital.

“These data highlight the toll of gun-related injuries that extends beyond high-profile cases, and those children and adolescents who die before being hospitalized. Pediatricians and other health care providers can play an important role in preventing these injuries through counseling about firearm safety, including safe storage,” states John Leventhal, M.D. whose team conducted the study.

Approximately 20 Children Hospitalized For Gun Injuries Per Day.

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  • ReDQLulz

    Well, gosh, isn’t it obvious that America needs more guns.

  • JG4th

    How many children are killed or injured in car accidents?
    According to statistics there are 250,000 kids injured each year, approximately 2,000 die from their injuries.

    We need better car control…

  • Frank Langham

    While we are at it … How many of these gun victims are 17 year old gang-bangers involved in gang-on-gang shootings or are the result of citizens and police justifiably defending themselves (or property) ? … Just curious. The politicization of medicine, science, and mental health care is a very slippery slope … It is also very arrogant. How many “Youth” are admitted to the hospital due to CHAIRS, each day ?

  • williamdiamon

    This article describes “assault” injuries committed with firearms. Most likely to be gang related warfare over drug turf in our inner cities, according to the FBI. Then it “blends in” the children that find their parents weapons and suffer accidents. These are two entirely different issues that don’t actually relate to the other, in the real world.

    The FBI considers that between 50% and 80% of our nations crime and murder rates to be of gang origin. These deaths and injuries are not accidents, but intentional. They will happen no matter the weapon used.

    Consumer Reports shows that less then two percent of deaths in the home, where children find their parents guns, concern guns. You or your children are more likely to die or electrocution, falling, or consuming poisons from under the sink.

    Then they tie in the evil that madmen have done with firearms so we can equate guns with evil madmen. All while totally ignoring any beneficial uses of firearms.

    Propagana should be written with more journalistic integrity, how will you be able to brainwash the folks if you can’t do better then this?