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Are The Guys in Daft Punk Too Full of Themselves?

Photo courtesy of NPR

Photo courtesy of NPR

After months of waiting the world finally got what it had been waiting for last night at the Grammy’s when the french duo Daft Punk finally performed live for the first time since their album, Random Access Memories was released. However, half of the performance didn’t even feature either member of Daft Punk. The duo sat behind a glass booth while Pharrell and Stevie Wonder rocked the stage. It begs to question, is Daft Punk full of themselves?

The duo had quite the evening, taking home five Grammy’s including Album of the Year and Record of the Year for their smash hit “Get Lucky.” However, the guys from Daft Punk didn’t have a word to say having Pharrell, Paul Williams and Nile Rogers speak for them. The guys stood idle in the background as they were being recognized by their peers for their achievements. The band also was forced to cancel a highly anticipated performance last year on The Cobert Report, to the disappointment of many fans. But Williams feels that their anonymity is refreshing.

“I love the fact they’re anonymous. I love the fact they hold up thier work and say ‘this is what we want you to look at’ and not who we are,” Williams said in a post show interview.

Fan reaction has been mixed, many loving their performance but others feeling that they could have perhaps represented themselves differently. Any way you slice it, Daft Punk had a massive year and managed to be the first electronic band ever to win Album of the Year as well as winning every category they were nominated in. Full of themselves or not, they are riding high.

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  • pauleky

    Full of themselves? Someone must have been desperate for a byline. It’s public knowledge why they do what they do. In fact, they’ve been very self-deprecating about why they do it. Clearly, their peers and fans love them. The Grammy performance of “Get Lucky” was easily the best and most fun of the night. Just check the video of the crowd. Finally, did you see the hug when they won? They were clearly moved and thrilled. Unfortunately, that’s been overshadowed by Taylor Swift’s reaction when she thought she won. Talk about full of themselves!