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How valuable are baseball cards?

How valuable are baseball cards?

Collecting baseball cards is a popular hobby.  Naturally, whenever one collects anything one must be aware of the value and/or prices of the item being collected.  It’s no different with baseball cards.

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Beckett Baseball Card Price Guide

While baseball cards may have sentimental value all collectors also need to be concerned about how much they spend on the cards they buy and for how much they sell them as well.  Just like stamps, coins, comic books and anything else people collect—baseball cards are only really worth what someone else is willing to pay for them.

When it comes to learning the value of a baseball card on has choices.  You may consult a reputable dealer, consult various online sources or—as many collectors have done for years—consult one of the major baseball card price guides.  The two most well known guides are published by Beckett and Tuffstuff.

Since some guides disagree on the value of specific cards you may wish to go with what is currently being used the most.  As this goes to press, the Beckett guide is the most commonly used guide.  Guides such as Beckett provide both a high and low book value for each card.  At present you can even subscribe to an online version of the guide although a physical copy is certainly best for using when going out to buy cards.

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Tuff Stff Baseball Card Price Guide

As always, collecting baseball cards is an enjoyable hobby and not necessarily something meant to make you “rich”.  That being said you should always remember to check a price guide, check store prices as well as online auction prices before buying or selling any card.  Prices per card will vary from pennies to dollars so a collector must make informed decisions when buysing, selling or even trading baseball cards.

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