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What did The Beatles do today January 28?

The Beatles: On this day in music history

January 28

Most music fans know that The Beatles were a British band founded in 1960. They were one of—if not the–most critically and commercially successful acts in history. The line-up from 1962 on included: John Lennon (guitar, keys, and vocals), Paul McCartney (bass, keys, guitar and vocals), George Harrison (guitar, keys and vocals) and Ringo Starr (drums, percussion, piano and vocals).

the beatles

The Beatles 1969

On this day in music history, there were several noteworthy Beatles-related moments.  Today’s events all occurred in the studio in 1969.

On this day in 1969 The Beatles were once more in the recording studio.  They recorded several takes of “Dig A Pony” before lunch.  They re-recorded an impromptu slow, bluesy version of “Love Me Do” but it was considered too rough to ever be released.  Then they recorded “Get Back” and “Don’t Let Me Down” with Billy Preston.  (The Beatles, like other bands, recorded multiple takes of songs even after they thought they had one they wanted.)

the beatles

The Beatles 1969

They also taped a couple versions of “The One After 909”.  Finally, they helped Preston record two demos that he never released in any finished form.  Last but not least, Paul McCartney led everyone through a rehearsal take of his song “Teddy Boy”.   Alan Parsons (Alan Parsons Project) was once again second engineer.

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