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Colorado: A Month Later


Medical marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles

After Colorado made headlines of legalizing recreation Marijuana in the holiday season of December, many in the United States wondered the reaction of where Colorado now stood after the proverbial “Smoke” cleared. Many tend to forget that Colorado has had Medical Marijuana Dispensaries for almost ten years before passing law for residents to buy up to one ounce of recreational per transaction, giving both state and federal statistics of how Marijuana would effect communities, cash flow, and crime.


Most of the Colorado residents have embraced the new laws, with a few opposing figures such as Denver Mayor Michael Hancock who fought against the legalization since it first appeared. Yet as Colorado slowly becomes the new Amsterdam and Marijuana becomes more socially acceptable, he has become more lax on the fight of making weed illegal again, a firm representation of the U.S.’s changing policies on the plant.


Since January 1st, the amount of dispensaries have made have been estimated to be in the millions, with large shops selling up to 50 pounds of pot within days of opening their doors. With weed being legal, the state of Colorado is able to tax the shops like any other commercial entity, rumored to have brought the state of 70 million dollars in the first month, though the official word will not be know until the state files it’s taxes to the Federal Government in February.


Considering the years of the green being illegal, what does it say of the crime rate of Colorado not that you can buy marijuana as easily as alcohol?

States official says that the 10 years of medical dispensaries have proved that the shops operate like any store and attract the same problems faced by any store, a few robberies and break-ins, and a few DUIs of perhaps a few overzealous smokers. The biggest difference is that amount of people who have been arrested years earlier of possession compared to people now legally about to carry weed with them. It is becoming in the same respects of alcohol, if used safely, you can have a good night, otherwise you will be sleeping off the high in a cell.

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