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What did Motley Crue do?

Is this the end of Motley Crue?

After 33 years the  L.A.-based rock band Motley Crue officially announced their farewell tour aptly titled “The Final Tour”.  This final run will include 72 dates across the states and Canada.  As previously unofficially announced, Alice Cooper will be their “special guest”.  The group is expected to spend almost the next two years traveling the world before finally calling it quits.

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Motley Crue: Vince Neil. Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee and Mick Mars

In keeping with the tour’s “R.I.P.” theme, the band pulled up to the venue in a hearse.  They were next met by a genuine New Orleans jazz funeral band playing their hit song “Dr. Feelgood”.  The foursome took their seats behind personalized faux tombstones at the press conference.

To avoid a comparison to other acts who have announced their retirement only to return once more with a slightly altered line-up, the group previously agreed to sign a legal “Cessation of Touring Agreement” before the press.  The document specifically states that the current quartet agrees “never to tour again as Motley Crue” . . . unless the current line-up–bassist Nikki Sixx, drummer Tommy Lee, lead singer Vince Neil and guitarist Mick Mars–all agree to reunite.

Yes, careful readers, that does indeed mean that the band could reunite later.  Sixx responded: “You guys in the press, you keep looking for the loophole.  “We’re gonna stick to our word.”  When questioned about one last Motley Crue CD Sixx stated: “You’ll just have to see.”

motley crue

Alice Cooper

Cooper  was also present at the conference and seemed genuinely excited about the upcoming tour.  he said that Motley Crue “has always gone onstage with one attitude, and that’s to blow the audience away. That’s exactly how we do it. Putting Motley Crue and Alice Cooper together is going to be just what this summer really needs.  When you get Motley Crue and Alice Cooper together on a tour — that’s gonna be rock at its most extreme.”

The tour opens in Grand Rapids, Michigan on July 2.  Their final US appearance will be on November 16 in Fargo, North Dakota.  The tour officially closes  on November 21 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

(Imagea courtesy of  David Livingston/Getty Images and MusicMarkt )

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