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3 Year Old Boy Left on School Bus for Nearly 6 Hours

3 year old boy left on school bus for nearly 6 hours in North Jersey

3 Year Old Boy Left On School Bus For 6 Nearly Hours

3 Year Old Boy Left On School Bus For 6 Hours
Image by Alex Star

At approximately 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Mishiloh Akturk put her son on a Mercer Transportation school bus for his trip to Franklin Park School.  Mishiloh Akturk returned to the bus stop at 2 p.m. to pick her son up.  Her son had only recently started attending school.

While waiting, she received a call from the transportation office notifying her that her son had spent the whole day on the bus rather than in school.

“I never received a call from the school saying that he didn’t show up that day.  I got a call at about 2 p.m. saying he sat on the bus all day without heat or food or anything. I guess he fell asleep and was sitting in the back,” stated Mishiloh Akturk.

The bus driver is typically responsible for checking the bus for children who may be remaining on the bus after their route.  In fact, there is a special alarm called the Child Reminder System which the driver must turn off from the back of the bus.  The driver in question reportedly turned off the alarm by walking around the bus on the outside and accessing the alarm from the back door.

The bus driver, who was a part-time driver for the company, was fired.  Police were investigating.

Mishiloh Akturk  states, “Thank God I bundled him with layers and his hat and gloves.  He sat on that bus for five-plus hours. He could have died. He could have frozen to death. The EMT was there and checked him out. He seems fine. He’s was happy and eating his lunch when I got there. Everything seems OK right now. He’s a real trooper.”

3 Year Old Boy Left On School Bus For Nearly 6 Hours.

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